This has everything in a Brittish match. Youth, Skill, Experience, Put that together with two title fights…and WOW!

We see the Youngster “Michelle Madison” Take on the UK Piledriver Queen “Kirsten Scott” See the Best Boston Crab you will for “Michelle’s Favourite Victory Roll as she goes for the Pin on Miss Scott…a Real good Match. “Title 1.BWA Title (British Wrestling Alliance) Kirsten Scott (Champion) v Louise Lockwood (Challenger) This is the last time these two will meet as Teenagers.This match has everthing you would expect from these two talented ladies.Figure 4 Headscissors, Camel Clutch, Boston Crabs, Airplane Spins…Who Wins Though? Then we have the L.W.U.K. Title (Ladies Wrestling United Kingdom) Louise Lockwood Lost this title in New Jersey U.S.A. in October 2004 at the G.L.O.R.Y. Convention in a match Against “Lady Victoria” in what has been described as a Brutal and Controversial Match…
Due to some Outside Interferance…Now this Rematch was a Grudge Bout!….and what a Bout!! Victoria’s Entrance Parading her New Title Belt ..You just knew there was going to be Fireworks! AND THERE WAS!!


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